500 Litre Galvanized Steel Wheelie Waste Bin Rolling on 4 Tyres


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Premium Galvanized Steel Waste Bin

Looking for high quality, long durable Galvanized Steel Waste Bin? Alfim offer 500 litre 4 tyres waste bin for you.
• Brand new galvanized steel waste bin. Manufactured from high quality deep pressed sheet steel. Designed to ensure resistance to stresses.
• Hot dip galvanized. Therefore,  ensures protection against corrosion.
• Conical shape for ease of evacuation.
• Evacuates into LAWMA Truck because they are compatible.
• Two side handles ensure, in addition, safe and easy movement.
• Though the tyres are made of rubber, yet, they are  very solid bin.
• Heavy duty metal lid.
• Welded seams stop water penetration, while it prevents rust.
• Has full EN840 certification. Lifetime value with limited down time.
• Especially, suitable for home and industrial wastes.


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